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This research work propounds and analyses the comparison of solution to the issue of height adjustment of tool in four way tool post. The customary way of tool lifting in tool post to centre of work i.e. by adding/removing metal packing, is altered by introducing a design alternative for tool lifting, an upgradation in the former proposed design named solid double cone threaded pin (SDCTP). It is explicitly studied to investigate its limitation and scope for further design amendments. In the premise, a revised design is proposed including modifications named as solid cone threaded pin (SCTP) and is fabricated along with its assembly. Mathematical calculations of least count and screw thread analysis are performed on both the pins. Finite element analysis on CREO is executed to calculate stresses induced for diverse loads to analyze pin failure conditions. The results of new modified design is compared with the erstwhile concluding that SCTP design is preferable over SDCTP design entailing precise tool adjustment, saving time and higher efficiency in machining operations. The paper subsequently explores conventional tool lifting method and its shortfall, shortcomings of former design, revised design and its comparison, fabrication of revised design, conclusions and future ambit.


Four Way Tool Post Cutting tool height adjustment Screw thread analysis least count calculations Finite Element Analysis CREO

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Surabhi Lata, & Hitesh. (2020). A Design Insight for Substitution of Metal Shims with Reverse Engineered Element in Tool Post for Alignment of Tool-Work Center. European Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 3(1), 114-129.

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