Published: March 29, 2019

Investigation of The Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Thin 5083 Aluminum Alloy Plates Welded by Double Pulse GMAW Method

1-10 Fatih Kahraman, Ayça Demirer Kahraman, Gökçe Mehmet Gençer, Muammer Tüm

Insight on Stock Market Using Data Mining

10-24 Ashvi Rebecka K., Joy Jeffery Camillo, Volga A. Mohanan

Improvement of The Tribological Characteristic of Bimetallic Journal Bearing with Surface Coating by Cold Spray Process

25-30 Coşkun Yolcu, Gökçe Mehmet Gençer, Fatih Kahraman, Ayça Demirer Kahraman

Complex and Thermodynamic Properties of Polar Liquids Using Time Domain Reflectometry in Microwave Frequency

31-35 Shagufta Tabassum, V. P. Pawar

Tramway Dwell Time Estimation and Analysis by Using Multiple Linear Regression Method

36-48 Ehsan Amirnazmiafshar

Estimation of the Intrazonal Travel Time of Different Modes for the Home-Based School Trips Using Regression Model

49-58 Yavuz Delice, Halit Özen, Ehsan Amirnazmiafshar

Finite Elements Analysis of PLA 3D-printed Elements and Shape Optimization

59-64 P. Żur, A. Kołodziej, A. Baier

Influence of 3D-printing Parameters on Mechanical Properties of PLA defined in the Static Bending Test

65-70 A. Kołodziej, P. Żur, W. Borek

SWOT Analysis of Energy Policy 2013 of Pakistan

71-94 Muhammad Irfan, Abdul Hameed Suleman , Umer Bin Sarwar, Naeem Abas, Muhammad Shoaib Saleem

Simulation of RF Technology Based Power Theft Detection

95-105 Hussien Alalem, Abdalla Fadel, Abdalla Turki, Mona Shlibek, Manal Shlibek