Published: October 24, 2020

Cytogenetic Analysis of HER2 in Ovarian Cancer Patients by Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization

1-7 Mohammad Alzeyadi, Ameer A. Imarah, Sinan Q. Khayoon , Isra M. Alhamadani

Flow Field Analysis and Performance Assessment Inside a Vanned Diffuser of a Laboratory-Type Centrifugal Pump

8-15 Abdelmadjid Atif , Sara Sami

Evidences of Serological Studies for The Presence of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis IBR, In Albania

16-21 Arta Lugaj, Liljana Cara, Marsel Borakaj, Kristaq Bërxholi

A Novel Public Key Cryptosystem and Digital Signatures

22-30 Saba Inam, Shamsa Kanwal, Adnan Zahid, Maria Abid

Analyze of Aggregate Texture Results Measured by Three Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Methods

31-37 Zuzana Florkova, Jana Pastorkova, Matus Farbak, Zuzana Kolkova, Peter Hrabovsky

Fixed Bed Reactor Performance for Herbicide Degradation Under Solar Radiation

38-43 Nadia Chekir, Djilali Tassalit, Mounir Mellal, Ouassila Benhabiles, Naima Sahraoui

Optimization of Abs 3D-Printing Method and Parameters

44-51 Paweł Żur, Alicja Kołodziej, Andrzej Baier , Grzegorz Kokot

Investigation of Impact of Aggregate Coating by Bitumen on Change of Micro Texture Values

52-61 Zuzana Florkova, Jana Pastorkova, Matus Farbak, Zuzana Kolkova, Peter Hrabovsky

Review of Aluminum Foam Applications in Architecture

62-70 Sasan Farhadi, Dorsa Kafili, Shervin Ziadloo

Micro-Mobility Infrastructure for Redefining Urban Mobility

71-85 Bhagyalaxmi Madapur, Shilpa Madangopal, M. N. Chandrashekar

Thermal Study of Agar Agar Solution in A Capillary Installation

86-92 Mellal Mounir, Abchiche Hacina, Ibadioune Sarah, Chekir Nadia, Sahraoui Naima, Bertouche Sadjia

Evaluating the Effect of Building Envelope on Thermal Performance in Cold and Warm Climate Regions of Turkey

93-104 Cagla Keles

The Study of The Effect of Concentration of The Agar-Agar Solution on The Rheological and Thermo Rheological Behavior

105-113 Hacina Abchiche, Mounir Mellal, Naima Sahraoui, Sadjia Bertouche, Lyna Tebachi, Amel Mameri

A Design Insight for Substitution of Metal Shims with Reverse Engineered Element in Tool Post for Alignment of Tool-Work Center

114-129 Surabhi Lata, Hitesh

Nonlinear Analysis of Tie Confined Columns

130-138 Ranajay Bhowmick

Discovering Customer Paths from Location Data with Process Mining

139-145 Onur Dogan