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This article examines how changes related to the processes of globalization are impacting teaching and learning practices and presents a vision for the future of adult education. By examining these changes, with the purpose of understanding their relevance to adult education, the author makes recommendations for how to adapt to new landscapes of work and learning. Three key recommendations to strengthen adult educators’ professional practice are presented based on literature in the field of adult education and professional practice. These three recommendations are to engage in critical reflection, develop communities of practice and commit to lifelong learning. While each of these recommendations are distinct, they are mutually reinforcing to support adult educators' practice and prospects. Adult educators can be influencers in fostering transformation through learning that will shape and strengthen the future. This is more relevant than ever in the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Discovering what to be aware of and incorporating awareness of the potential for adult education to inspire positive change will promote personal and professional success in practice.


adult education globalization knowledge-based economy communities of practice lifelong learning

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Dobrich, E. (2022). Prospects for Adult Learning and Global Change: A Canadian Perspective with Recommendations for Professional Practice. European Journal of Teaching and Education, 4(4), 57–69.