Published: March 28, 2021

The Identification of Key Online Learning Dispositions of College Students Learning in A Blended Learning Course

1-11 Sharon Rolé

Exploiting Multidisciplinary Conferences in Radiology: Teaching and Learning Opportunities for Medical Students, Radiologists and Clinicians

Exploit Multidisciplinary Conferences

12-23 Ilona Petsch, Aglaé Velasco González, Boris Buerke

A Human Centred-Design Approach to a Serious Game in Health Training for the Open University of the Unified Health System (UNA-SUS/UFMA) in Brazil

24-34 Daniela Rosito Michella Munhoz, Luciane Maria Fadel, Carla Galvão Spinillo, Ana Emília Figueiredo de Oliveira, Katherine Marjorie Mendonça de Assis, Dilson José Lins Rabêlo Júnior

Engaging Students in Error Analysis and Correction: A learner-Centered Approach to Improving Linguistic Accuracy

35-49 Evariste Manirakiza, Innocent Hakizimana

Moral Development in Adolescents as A Key Indicator for The Prevention of Violent Behavior in Their Couples’ Relationships

50-58 Isabel Cuadrado-Gordillo, Inmaculada Fernández-Antelo, Guadalupe Martín-Mora Parra

Schooling vs Home Education: Implications in Measuring Success in Home Education in The United Kingdom

59-64 Fadoua Govaerts

Challenges of Teaching Roma Minority Children How to Read: What Do We Know and What Can We Do About It?

65-78 Raluca Pop