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Original title: Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences

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Vol. 6 No. 3 (2023)

Published: August 28, 2023

Argentine Chaotic Term Length Series in an American Historical Context

Part II: Complex System Analysis

1-34 Carmelo Felice, Gabriel Alfredo Ruiz

Democracy in Retreat: The New Media and Human Rights Dimension to Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria

49-65 Oluwatunmise Taiwo Paimo

Semantic Differential of the Concept of Beauty

66-75 Slavka Demuthova, Andrej Demuth

Inside Out and Think Tank Participation in Australia: Can Engaging with Lived Experience of Incarceration Promote Desistance?

76-84 Dwayne Antojado, Marietta Martinovic, Tarmi A'Vard, Grace Stringer, Chelsea Barnes

Gender and IR in the MENA Region: The Role of Arab Women’s Diplomacy in Peacebuilding, Decision Making, and Conflict Resolution

85-93 Moufida Mnakri

Assessing the Perception of Media and Communication Researchers in UNILAG on Web Analytics as an Audience Research Method

94-107 Obianuju Okafor

The Effect of Thailand’s Subcultures on Other Southeast Asia States’ Countercultures

108-121 Eswaranathan Ehambaranathan, Shagesheela Murugasu, Mark Hall

The Demand for Freedom and Equality in the Street Below the Movement of Woman, Life, Freedom (August 2022)

122-144 Shakib Zarbighalehhammami, Fatemeh Abbasi
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