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The study investigated seasonal variations in mating behavior by analyzing the search for sex during the COVID-19 quarantine in Google trends. Causal impact analyses were used to examine the trends of Google keyword searches during the period in which the quarantine and post-quarantine period lasted in Chile, for topics related to mate preferences. Results indicated a consistent difference during the post-quarantine peaks of Google trends related to short-term and long-term mating behaviors. Such results complement research about the change in mating strategies from an evolutionary approach which predicted decreased a long-term investment during periods of uncertainty caused by the pandemic. We discuss the implications of this method to advance the comprehension the effects of pandemic on mating preferences.


COVID-19 Google trends life history theory sex mating

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Barbato, M. T. ., Fernández , A. M., Galán, C. F., Gonzalez, W. R. ., & Quezada, P. V. . (2022). Google Trends Search for Sex Reveals Change in Relationship Preferences in Post-Quarantine Periods in Chile. Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences, 5(4), 14–26.