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Artificial intelligence (AI) allows cancer hospitals to accelerate their digital transformation and promote their brand. This essay aims to answer the following research question: which communication principles should cancer hospitals respect when they report about their artificial intelligence initiatives for branding purposes? We analyzed these hospitals’ corporate communication and branding strategies, as well as their initiatives on artificial intelligence. We resorted to three databases, four keywords and three inclusion criteria to find papers published about this area these last ten years (2013-2022). Based on this literature review, we proposed ten communication principles to help cancer hospitals integrate artificial intelligence, corporate communication, and branding. We concluded this essay by stating that cancer hospitals’ corporate communication department need to employ experts in artificial intelligence, explain to employees the positive impact of AI in the hospital’s processes, and implement a communication approach focused on satisfying stakeholders’ information needs rather than promoting medical treatments.


cancer hospital corporate communication brand reputation artificial intelligence

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Medina, pablo, Medina, E., & Gonzalez Pacanowski, T. (2022). Building meaningful brands through disseminating artificial intelligence-related content. An essay about cancer hospitals. Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences, 6(1), 54–68.