Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences 2023-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: Open Journal Systems <p>Journal of Advanced Research in Social Sciences (JARSS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of Social Sciences. JARSS is an international, scholarly and peer-reviewed journal (online) published Quarterly by Diamond Scientific Publication, Lithuania.</p> The Tools to protect The Other "who has good intentions” in the period of establishment of the joint stock companies A study in UAE law in the light of Feqh Islamic rules 2022-10-01T10:49:54+00:00 Ayesha Mubarak Aldhabah Alketbi <p>This research includes the tools to protect The Other "who has good intentions” in the establishment of the joint stock company in the companies' law of the United Arab Emirates and Islamic law, by defining the concepts of this study, and identifying the ways and tools to protect the rights of The Other "who has good intentions” during the stage of establishing the joint stock company, with Explanation of the Islamic jurisprudence ruling on protecting the other, when establishing a joint stock company.</p> <p>One of the most important results is that the United Arab Emirates is keen to protect The Other "who has good intentions” dealing with joint stock companies, as a foreigner to the company’s main contract, and he has dealt with the company’s management depending on external appearances without his knowledge of what happened during the establishment period. And that the law distinguishes between the status of partners and the status The Other "who has good intentions” in upholding the invalidity resulting from a breach of one of the formal pillars. Partners may benefit from their negligence of not writing the contract or not performing publicity procedures, while The Other "who has good intentions” may invoke invalidity against the partners. They contracted with him on behalf of the company personally and jointly liable for the obligations arising from this contract.</p> 2022-12-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Ayesha Mubarak Aldhabah Alketbi Psychological Wellbeing: Toward an Innovative Provision of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the United Arab Emirates 2022-10-06T06:42:18+00:00 Fatema Alrumaithi Immanuel A Moonesar <p>While physical health strategies have been developed through establishing healthcare centers and e-services, psychological health services have not improved by the same degree, especially in the UAE. Since the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was declared a public health emergency in January 2020, the demand for health services—including mental healthcare—has increased and led to the detection of several global gaps within the healthcare systems. Thus, it is essential to understand the requirements of advanced technologies and approaches to provide healthcare services. Nevertheless, social cohesion, financial burden, and associated stigma are among the primary factors behind the reluctance to approach psychological wellbeing services. Consequently, this study aims to explore how innovation can support the provision of mental health services and how it can assist in spreading awareness of psychological wellbeing and reduce the associated stigma, in the context of the UAE. A qualitative research design was afollowed, that focuses on the preliminary literature review of innovative methods applied in the area of mental health and psychological wellbeing services. Additionally, primary data was collected by conducting a focus group discussion among specialized counselors, psychologists, and other related professionals working in the city of Abu Dhabi. The acquired data were analyzed based on the research objective with NVivo Software (QSR 2.0). The fidings were evaluated to present results that answered the research questions. The coding process led to finalizing six unified codes that were extracted into six correlated themes: Workplace environment, Counseling sessions, School children matters, COVID-19 pandemic concerns, Treatment mode, and Future mental health development. Also, visual illustration was generated and presented. The findings of this research provided recommendations for a strategic framework and suggestions for future research.</p> 2023-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Fatema Alrumaithi, Immanuel A. Moonesar On Asian Transnational Adoptees’ Self-Determination for Cultural Identification: An Analysis of Greg Leitich Smith’s Novel, Ninjas, Piranhas, and Galileo 2022-10-19T07:03:41+00:00 Kaori Mori Want <p>Transnational adoption from Asian countries to the US started in the 1950s. When Asian transnational adoptees first came to the US, they were encouraged to assimilate into white American cultures because many were adopted by white Americans, yet due to the spread of the ideal of incorporating adoptees’ ethnic background in parenting for the adoptees’ healthy identity development in the US, white parents have started encouraging their adopted children to know their Asian cultural roots. While white parents are trying to give their adopted children either American culture or Asian culture, what do Asian adoptees feel about their cultural identification? Isn’t it Asian adoptees themselves who need to decide their cultural identification? This article examines these questions by reading Greg Leitich Smith’s <em>Ninjas, Piranhas, and Galileo</em> from interdisciplinary perspectives. Combining the literary texts and the findings of adoption research in the fields of anthropology, sociology, and psychology, this article concludes that while white adoptive parents need to provide cultural experiences of their adopted children’s birth culture to their children, it is Asian transnational adoptees themselves who have the right to decide their cultural identification.</p> 2022-12-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Kaori Mori Want Decriminalization of Drugs and the Support for Free Markets in the United States 2022-10-29T05:59:00+00:00 Christian Collins William McCorkle <p>For nearly 250 years, Americans have been able to ponder on their relatively short, but extensive ideological history. The United States was founded upon a number of ideals, but arguably the most predominant and preceding has been freedom. Heavily influenced by the Enlightenment, the U.S. founders laid the propositions protecting natural rights, while limiting governmental authority to retract upon these so-called “God-given rights.” The country’s roots lie in classical liberalism, and free markets have been an integral mechanism since 1776, through the championing of private property rights and economic freedom. However, since the War on Drugs, political discourse has distorted our historical vision and validated governmental coercion in criminalizing drug consumption and production whether that was for personal pleasure or legitimate medical reasons. The paper investigates this conflict of ideology and principle through the analysis of literature and survey data. The quantitative analysis revealed a negative relationship between support for free markets and drug decriminalization. The findings imply a substantial role of two-party politics in the U.S. in determining political beliefs outside of a clear ideology particularly related to issues like the War on Drugs.</p> 2022-12-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Christian Collins, William McCorkle Building meaningful brands through disseminating artificial intelligence-related content. An essay about cancer hospitals 2022-11-16T06:26:35+00:00 pablo Medina Eva Medina Toni Gonzalez Pacanowski <p>Artificial intelligence (AI) allows cancer hospitals to accelerate their digital transformation and promote their brand. This essay aims to answer the following research question: which communication principles should cancer hospitals respect when they report about their artificial intelligence initiatives for branding purposes? We analyzed these hospitals’ corporate communication and branding strategies, as well as their initiatives on artificial intelligence. We resorted to three databases, four keywords and three inclusion criteria to find papers published about this area these last ten years (2013-2022). Based on this literature review, we proposed ten communication principles to help cancer hospitals integrate artificial intelligence, corporate communication, and branding. We concluded this essay by stating that cancer hospitals’ corporate communication department need to employ experts in artificial intelligence, explain to employees the positive impact of AI in the hospital’s processes, and implement a communication approach focused on satisfying stakeholders’ information needs rather than promoting medical treatments.</p> 2022-12-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 pablo Medina, Eva Medina, Toni Gonzalez Pacanowski Conversation Codes in Selected Nigerian TV Health Talks 2022-11-20T05:50:37+00:00 Abiola Mary Oladipo Oluwasegun Amoniyan Nkpuruoma Joy OLEKANMA <p>A conversation entails the exchange of thoughts, ideas, emotions and questions between two or more individuals for a purpose. Conversation in the 21st century may be physical or blended. Studies have investigated discourse in friendship, negotiations, classroom and literary texts for interpretations, but little attention has been paid to the health talk in the recent time in Nigeria despite its significance in the post-Covid era. Few available linguistic analyses concentrated on doctor-patient interaction with less attention to those who are healthy at the moment but may need precautions to remain hearty. The laxness in a linguistic study on health will continue to create a gulf between health and linguistic analysis. Linguists need to engage in health jargon for proper exposition and linguistic simplification. Therefore, this research aims to analyze conversational codes in selected Channels TV health talks in Nigeria. With the application of the conversational codes by Harvey Sacks. Qualitative analysis is employed to interpret conversational codes in the data selected for the study. Out of the different episodes on Channels TV daily, five episodes on hypertension, COVID-19, heart attack, diabetes and sickle cell disorder constitute the data. The study explores the theory of conversation analysis by Harvey Sacks. The approach investigates communication systems and how discourse is constructed toward achieving the ultimate goal of interaction among discussants with minute overlaps. The study qualitatively examines turn-taking, adjacency pair, sequence, repair, opening and closing. Insight from Sacks' approach reveals that turn-taking is frequently used in the episodes with varying percentages (35-40%). Turns are flexible, and they could be determined by the host or the guests depending on the background exposure of the host to health matters. The use of fillers varies from speaker to speaker with percentages. Socio-cultural roles affect turn construction management. The hosts often ask more questions than the guest, depending on the information the guest supplies, which determines follow-up questions. Theoretically, this study can support the theory of conversational analysis- of conversational codes. The study can be a reference for applied linguistics research insights to account for telephone calls, political interviews, classrooms and debates.</p> 2022-12-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Abiola Mary Oladipo, Oluwasegun Amoniyan, Nkpuruoma Joy OLEKANMA