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This literature review aims at providing a comprehensive and consolidated representation on how Digital Transformation in Marketing has, so far, influenced value making for businesses and discuss prospective ways ahead. In particular, current key concepts that need to be redefined have been spotted, as well as challenges in the digital marketing sector that need to be tackled with regards, especially, to social media and mobile marketing. A new structured approach is proposed on how businesses can stay up to date, exploiting the advantages, while minimizing the effects of disadvantages, of an almost inescapable decision to adopt, develop and implement a Digital Marketing Strategy. Future in marketing seems to embrace augmented and virtual reality as it’s natural progression, therefore, technology along with development and adoption of specific organizational capabilities and management tools respectively, integration of robust business processes, such as effective media derived data conversion and resource transformation exchange, and certainly, acquisition of invaluable human expertise, provide a solid basis for businesses to stay competitive in a fast changing and challenging marketplace. A systematic, five-step research method process for literature review has been used, taking into consideration article publication year 2020 onwards, from credible academic database sources.

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Basimakopoulou, M., Theologou, K., & Tzavaras, P. (2022). A Literature Review on Digital Marketing: The Evolution of a Revolution. Journal of Social Media Marketing, 1(1), 30–40.