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The article expatiates on the social contract to clarify the circumstances leading to despotism, authoritarianism, violation of civil liberties and misery in Africa. It describes the ways in which African leaders violate individual freedoms despite the presence of local laws and international conventions. The article explains the process that led to the misfortune of Africans based on case studies informed by primary and secondary data. It contends that the repercussions of the social contract were underrated due to the dearth of choices. Thus, governments abuse their powers and crush every agent that attempts to provide checks and balances. However, the verdicts of certain local courts and the International Criminal Court demonstrate that strengthening the judicial system can transform the status quo.


Social contract, civil liberties, human rights, government, Africa

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Kali, M. (2020). Social Contract, Authoritarianism and the Dilemma of Africans. European Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 3(1), 16-26.