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The behavioural aspects prevailing in a chemical organisation has been studied. The safety officer has identified the type of behavioural during the normal and COVID – 19 circumstances. After identifying the existing behaviour of the employees and contractor, in case of abnormality, the Safety officer has trained the employees and contractor for appropriate behaviour in the normal circumstances. Further restricted the spread of the COVID -19 in the organisation. The percentage of variation among the nine different departments with five different kinds of behaviour has been presented. The Mean, standard deviation, correlation and ANNOVA has been applied for the different variables. By Identifying the various type of behaviour in the total population (n = 286) by a safety officer, where the average highest population were following independent safety (9.8 + 12.2) behaviour in the normal circumstances in the chemical industry. After correcting the abnormal behaviour, people were following interdependent safety (19.3 + 22.6) in the chemical organisation. Secondly after giving training for following the golden rules to avoid the COVID-19 we have observed that the highest population were following the independent safety (24.6 + 33.4) in the organization. There are Two different kinds of behaviour prevailed in the chemical industry.


Behaviour normal circumstances covid-19 circumstances chemical industry

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Alavandar, Y. K. (2022). Monitoring The Behavioural Based Safety Aspects in a Chemical Industry – During The Normal and The Covid – 19 Circumstances. European Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 5(3), 1–16.