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At the present time, a lot of laboratory measurement and evaluation approaches exist for investigation of aggregate texture, which is necessary to assecurate a basic level of friction between tire and asphalt pavement. In this contribution, two laboratory methods based on three dimensional and two dimensional analyses of aggregate texture investigation are presented. The values of three dimensional texture parameter were compared with the values of the two dimensional texture parameters. The measurements by both these methods were performed on the same grains of aggregates. Three dimensional evaluation outputs were obtained from measurement by optical microscope method and two dimensional evaluation outputs were obtained from measurement by profilometry method. All of analyzed aggregate texture parameters (three dimensional and two dimensional) give information about texture depth and therefore can be compared to each other. Parameters of regression and correlation analysis were used to find relation between the three dimensional and two dimensional texture parameters and obtained results were analyzed and discussed.


Three-dimensional method Two-dimensional method Profilometry Microscope Aggregate Texture

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Florkova, Z. ., Pastorkova, J. ., Farbak, M. ., Kolkova, Z. ., & Hrabovsky, P. . (2020). Analyze of Aggregate Texture Results Measured by Three Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Methods. European Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 3(1), 31-37.