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The aim of this research was to examine the quality of education service at the master’s level in the Islamic Azad University of Dezful. In terms of objective, this is an applied research and in regard to methodology, it is descriptive-analytical research. The statistical population included all students of master’s degrees in the Islamic Azad University of Dezful. The sample size was determined using stratified random sampling method in different fields of study. The research questionnaire is the translated version of standardized Abdullah’s HEdPERF 41-item scale [1] which is based on a5-point Likert scale. In order to determine the validity, the translated questionnaire was given to the professors of educational sciences. The correlation among all questions has been regarded at a value of 0.644. The results showed that the quality of educational service at the master’s level in this university, based on the chi-square goodness of fit test, was equal to 73.36 and its degree of freedom was 2 at a significant level of 0.001, indicating the low desirability of the services. According to Friedman test, academic responsiveness has been reported to be in a higher status than other dimensions with an average rank of 3.94 while accessibility, with an average rank of 2.15, has been in the lowest status from master’s students’ viewpoint.


educational service quality, master’s level, Iranian university

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Omidian, F. ., & Golchin Nia, Z. . (2018). Assessment of Educational Service Quality at Master’s level in an Iranian university using based on HEdPERF Model. International Journal of Applied Research in Management and Economics, 1(3), 58–63.