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The year 2010 can be considered the beginning of the economic crisis in Greece. However, hardly anybody expected that to have such substantial impact and put such pressure on the Greek economy. At that time a massive downsizing occurred and many companies even stopped their activities. In several enterprises, after organizational restructuring and downsizing, a problem with motivation of remaining employees was highlighted. The aim of the paper is to record the changes in levels of motivation. The current paper focuses on motivation as a key prerequisite for success and effectiveness of organizations and highlights the factors that related to leadership/ management and communication as the major motivation factors during the economic crisis.
A brief literature review of the motivation research, the researches that conducted during economic crisis, the leadership and the comunication are presented in the first part of it. An empirical research was conducted to explore the changes into the motivation factors that emerge in response to crisis in Greek structural design consultancies, presenting the new conditions and highlights the importance of the leadership/ management as a great motivation factor.


Motivation Leadership Communication Greek crisis Civil Engineers

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George Xanthakis. (2020). Leadership and Communication as The Key Motivation Factors, During the Economic Crisis the Evidence of Greece. International Journal of Applied Research in Management and Economics, 2(4), 39–48.