Published: March 30, 2020

School Management in the Midst of Educational Technology Advancement

1-17 Yosef Gebremeskel

Connecting Teachers: A Virtual Environment for Networking and Innovation

18-30 Marisol Esperanza Cipagauta, Yendy Viviana Castellanos, Mónica Alejandra Bautista

Do Mathematics, Humour And Teaching Combine?

31-38 Luís Menezes, Ana Maria Costa

Analysis of Qualitative Studies of the Use of ICT in Learning Environments

39-50 Marisol Esperanza Cipagauta Moyano, Adriana Quimbayo Feria, Adriana Castro Camelo

A Comparative Study of Learning Related Emotions among Male and Female Health Field University Students in Saudi Arabia

51-54 Ahmed Khtere

The Implication of the HEQSF Act on Human and Financial Resources

55-65 Karel Kapp

Visual Literacy: A Bet to Be Earned, ASAP

66-71 Sachpatzidis D. Avraam

Diary of A Restless Teacher: How We Can Shift to The Learner-Centered Approach

72-78 Mohini Vidwans

Observable and Unobservable Involvement Behaviours of a Climatology Course’s Undergraduate Students

79-85 T. M. Seixas, M. A. Salgueiro da silva

The Setting of School-Enterprise Major Curriculum Based on Students’ Satisfaction

86-91 Luan Qianqian, Kong Linghan, Diao Jinling, Ramir Austria

Higher Education and Creation of Jobs in Bangladesh

92-100 M. M. Shahidul Hassan, Omiya Hassan

Possibilities and Perspectives of Applying the E-learning Model in Educational Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

101-108 Dženana Rustempašić, Aida Habul

Expectation-Performance Gap in Knowledge and Competencies in Accounting Graduates: Evidence from Tunisia

109-124 Souidi Khouloud, Rajhi Mohamed Tahar

An Exploration of The Perceptions Regarding Parental Involvement in The Academic Activities of Secondary School Students at City Kotli AJK

125-137 Saira Farooq Shah, Razia Rizve, Kiran sarfaraz, Maryam Iqbal

Career Decision-Making Profiles of Adolescents in Cyprus

138-147 Georgallidou Vasoula, Dimitriou Loucia

Examination of Lifelong Learners' Preferences for Learning Materials and Methods within the Context of Various Demographic Characteristics

148-154 Hakan Altınpulluk, Hakan Kılınç , Mehmet Fırat

Online Educators’ Leadership Styles and Sources of Their Support

155-168 Kerla Minela

Alternative to Alternative Schools

169-178 Luka Pongračić

The Influence of French on Learning English Vocabulary for L1 Arabic Speakers: The Case of Secondary School Students in Algeria

179-189 Fatiha Sadouki

A Crisis of Confidence in Higher Education: Is Technology the Solution?

190-200 Ray Archee

The Development of an English Course based on the Integration of Project-Based Learning Approach and Blended Learning Module for Enhancing English Communication Skills at Workplace for the ASEAN Community of Thai Undergraduate Engineering Students

201-208 Raveewan Wanchid