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For development of human resources of a nation and to harness their full potential throughout their life, education of all human beings is of great importance. It is the process of teaching, learning and training skills which prepares them for successful life. Secondary Education though not “fundamental right” of people, yet government and society understand it important for prosperity and good health of its people. It is a link between secondary and higher education after which specialisation in the fields of education starts. It is a post-Secondary education.
To provide it, a number of schemes, policies, programs have been framed from time to time by the government. Action plan included gender sensitisation to minimise the gender gap in educational attainment spatial disparities and in sequence monitored at various levels from time to time with the help of public and private agencies.
Nonetheless, gender disparities are nearly universal in terms of educational attainment at each level. In the present study, Senior Secondary education has been selected as focus. It is a micro level study based on census 2011 data. Maps are prepared using GIS technology to analyse patterns of Senior Secondary education attained total population and in males and females separately at district level of Haryana.


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Anita, & Vijay Wanti. (2020). Spatial Disparities of Senior Secondary Educational Attainment in Haryana. European Journal of Teaching and Education, 2(2), 131-137.