Published: April 6, 2020

Decision-Making between Online and Frontal EFL Courses

1-9 Bethe Schoenfeld, Samia Zeid, Ido Liberman

Impact of Daylight Exposure on Sleep Time and Quality of Elementary School Children

10-17 M. Boubekri, J. Lee, K. Bub , K. Curry

Didactics and Self-Assessment: An Innovative Proposal for The University of Trento

18-23 Valentina Pagani, Alessio Morini

The Effects of Different Types of Feedback in the EFL Writing Class: A Study of Efficiency, Affective and Cognitive Aspects, and Thai Cultural Dimensions

24-34 Raveewan Wanchid

Online Learning Environments and Some Pedagogical Implications

35-44 Maria de Fátima Goulão

Addressing the Anxious Reality of First Year Experience (FYE) In Higher Education: A Comparative Study of Research-Informed Student Support Models in Two UK Business Schools

45-59 Carol Brown, Katharine Brymer

Factors Influencing Innovation Adoption in a Higher Education Institution

60-74 Sanet Haupt, Alex Antonites

Education in Domestic Tourism - The Bakony-Balaton Geopark

75-81 Peter Maltesics

Using Vocabulary as An Instructional Scaffolding Technique to Boost English Language Skills

82-93 Evariste Manirakiza, Innocent Hakizimana

Parental Effectiveness and School Counselling in Elementary Education

94-106 Demetriou Loukia, Kalouri Ourania

Managerial Aspects for Deployment of E-Learning Technologies: A Literature Review of Selected Themes

107-121 Elizabeth Landa, Chang Zhu, Jennifer Sesabo

Determining Learning Techniques by Using Artificial Intelligence and Observing the Impacts of Differentiated Education Model

122-130 Ceylin Büyüksoy, Zeynep Taşcıoğlu, İbrahim Ergin

Spatial Disparities of Senior Secondary Educational Attainment in Haryana

131-137 Anita, Vijay Wanti

The Predictive Effects of Reading Motivation Constructs and Reading Practice on Moroccan Fourth Graders Reading Comprehension Achievement: An Analysis of PIRLS 2011 Study

138-151 Nadori Neirouz

Investigating the Enhancement of Students’ Engagement with Learning Activities through the lens of Self-Determination Theory

152-182 Roger Wood

Perception of Teacher Trainees at The Federal University Oye Ekti, Nigeria Towards Teaching Profession

183-190 Bolupe A. Awe, B. N. Balogun

School of Holistic Development: A Case Study

A Unique Program of Life Transformation through Educational Metamorphosis of Students

191-201 Charulata Londhe, Mangesh T. Karad