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The essay is dealing with the development of a special form of education in the Northern-Balaton region of Hungary. There are some kinds of tourism products and education techniques that are characterized by the area of Balaton-Uplands Nature Reserve. The mentioned region became one of the most attractive destinations from the aspect of recreational ways and cultural sites. First of all, the geological and geomorphological shapes and sites in addition to other cultural factors introduce the visitor into the scientifically examination. The investigated factors of the proposed paprer are extended and include site typology, complex research of tourism supply and demand, integration into the school program, tourism management inquests among others. I used primary and secondary sources in methodology such as online mapping, measurement and locating geosites through GPS coordinates, audio-and photo recording, academic literature analyzing. Balaton Uplands has a uniqueness in the tourism market, and in this lecture, I try to illustrate them partially through the best practices. In the case of this study, it provides some information about strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of these regions and shows other touristic potentials of the rural and urban areas. However, it is necessary to interpret the comprehensive relations between the core product (geotour) and the related facilities. The researched aspect in question is how strong is the relation to natural values, sports facilities, cultural heritage, and gastronomy. From another perspective, it is also considerable, how could we integrate efficiently the educational techniques into the school programs?


Bakony-Balaton Geopark Geo-Education Geotrails Sustainable Education Sustainable Tourism

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Maltesics, P. . (2020). Education in Domestic Tourism - The Bakony-Balaton Geopark. European Journal of Teaching and Education, 2(2), 75-81.