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Accelerated skills development and an unconditional pursuit to enhance competencies on numerous levels are two key physiognomies of the post-recession phase of 2008 in South Africa. The research was informed by a contextual perspective, and relied on interpretive, constructivist epistemology to reveal these phenomena. The primary research question driving this qualitative study was to analysis the concept of innovation adoption within a HE context, factors impacting on the adoption process, and the relationships between the identified phenomena, without explaining the reasons behind these relationships. This study could serve to inform and focus such policies and paradigms or direct further research. Recognizing and rewarding innovation adoption in the institution could be extended and enhanced.Case Study ?


Case Study Qualitative Innovation Adoption Higher Education

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Haupt, S. ., & Antonites , A. . (2020). Factors Influencing Innovation Adoption in a Higher Education Institution. European Journal of Teaching and Education, 2(2), 60-74.