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Holistic development of students for life transformation through process of educational metamorphosis with the help of pentagonal model of integral education is the unique program of School of Holistic Development (SHD). With a vision to create and nurture the ‘Wholesome’ Personality of student to build ‘Winning Personalities and Comprehensive Global Professionals’ enabling them to meet challenges of career as well as life with skills, sensibility and sense of responsibility towards society and humanity by emphasizing on enhancing Employability of students by building Skills, Competencies and Multiple intelligence, Character, Values of Life are the objectives of the program. Inspired with this Indic approach SHD has designed a unique model of creating and fostering wholesome personalities through Integral Education. Indic wisdom of personality talks of five aspects (Panch Kosh). This ‘Pentagon’ of five ‘Koshas’ emphasizes five-dimensional development like Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Intellectual Development and Spiritual Awakening. This program at SHD works at levels of senses and for healthy body; mind, emotions and psychology; skills and competencies for technical and intellectual enhancement, responsible behavior towards society and environment, yoga, values and spirituality to achieve the final objective of self-realization, self-discovery and finding out one’s own real-life purpose. The paper discusses the case study of SHD, launched by MIT Arts Design Technology University, Pune, India gives details of conceptual framework, vision, mission, objectives, methodology and tools adopted under SHD for holistic development of students and also compares and gives similarities between SHD and the National Educational Policy of Indian 2019.


Global Professionals Holistic Development Integral Education Indic Panch Kosh Model (Five Koshas) Winning Personality

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Charulata Londhe, & Mangesh T. Karad. (2020). School of Holistic Development: A Case Study: A Unique Program of Life Transformation through Educational Metamorphosis of Students. European Journal of Teaching and Education, 2(2), 191-201.